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Dynamic, robust and universal, Immersion RPG is about playing characters rather than classes. This is about the story, the people involved in the action – you. Adaptable to any setting you care to play, we are also developing our very own high-quality settings for you to lose yourself in.


Love dynamic combats that keep the action intense and allow you to take tactical advantages of your situation? Or would you like to have a character that never even lifted a finger, and used just his guile, charm and wits – or the terrifying power of his magic?


Well then, Immersion RPG is for you.

Infected Zombie RPG


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Immersion RPG is Robust, Dynamic and Universal

Character-Driven Stories

Why play a class, when you can play a person? Craft your character with all the traits, foibles, strengths and weaknesses of a living, breathing individual. There are no classes and no levels – you choose where your experience goes, while the Narrator determines how ill effects come about. Your experiences will shape you – for good or ill.

Simple, Universal Mechanics

Don’t let the mechanics drive you to distraction. Immersion RPG’s mechanics are simple yet detailed. The same basic roll works for all action resolutions. The better you roll, the better the results (and vice versa).

Deeply Immersive Settings

We put a lot of love and care into our settings. Our objective is to make them as real and immersive as possible, with deep plots, complex motives and societies that live and breathe.

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The outbreak is over. The world has survived – but only just. Now, five years on, survivors huddled in the ruins are trying to rebuild, and hold onto what is left of society, as it teeters on the edge of anarchy.


Society isn’t gone so much as changed. There are thriving settlements, supplied by busy trade-routes wending through the ruins all around. Preying on these hubs of society are bandits, cannibals, warlords and crazies.


The Infected, driven to the edge of extinction by wars, bombings, purges and brutal quarantines, remain in small numbers – but they are a constant threat, and new outbreaks can devastate communities.


In this new world, what role will you play?


Immersion RPG Mechanics

How To Roll

2d10 dice resolution is used for most actions, with a gradient scale of success – for example, hitting your target well will contribute to your damage. Checks are rolled using an Attribute (innate quality, affecting a broad array of actions) and a Skill (something learned, affecting more niche numbers of actions) or a Power (a special ability, magical or like magic). Dice are rolled and added independently to their statistics. Every point gotten over 10 is a success. Successes are added together, giving a gradient scale of success – with 1 success being a “bare” success, 10 successes exceptional and 20 perfect.

Character Creation

Players are not confined by classes when they choose their characters. Instead, they start the game with an amount of experience dictated by the Narrator. They can choose to spend this to “buy” levels in their statistics. One of the most important statistics at Character Creation are Circumstances. These dictate what situation your character finds himself or herself in at the beginning of the game. Are they rich, powerful, influential, or famous? Do they have a private hit man, or an army under their command?


This total flexibility in character creation is not designed for min-maxing or otherwise making so-called “unbeatable” characters. It is to assist the entire group with added flavour, situations and interest, making stories that would otherwise be difficult to run. But also beware – all things have pros and cons. Having an army under your control doesn’t necessarily mean you have the budget, the social standing or the charisma to run it. Committing to the character you are playing is essential!

Character Advancement

Characters advance in a non-linear fashion, adding to skills and abilities in a “point-buy” system. Experience is used to increase the levels of Statistics or gain new Statistics. Generally this is done in a way that reflects how the character has grown and changed. The amount of Experience gained each game, and the cost of purchasing more Health, or Eldritch (energy for Powers), can be increased or decreased to make for a more heroic game (with rapidly powerful characters), or more gritty game (with more moderately powerful characters), depending on what your gaming group likes to play.

Dynamic, Tactical Combat System

The Immersion RPG System has combats that are meant to be brutal, fast and dynamic. You won’t spend round after round grinding down hit points – instead, attacks are better avoided altogether!


Characters have a single action they can do per round without penalties, and can do more with cumulatively more penalties attached. Defending is also an action – which can be done in many ways. How you choose to defend is just as important as how you choose to attack.


All actions have a direct impact on the flow of the combat, and will then directly affect its outcome. Something small like seizing the high ground or kicking dust into your opponent’s eyes can mean the difference between victory and a shallow grave.

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What Others Are Saying

“I like Shead’s twist on the usual zombie story… At a glance Immersion’s production value looks high… I especially like the video clips that show how skills, attacks, etc work in Immersion RPG.”

“…the setting really shined. It’s hard to make a zombie apocalypse setting stand out and I think this one does nicely.”

“Author Oliver Shead has produced a very well thought-out, intuitive and fun RPG that offers equal part crunch and equal parts fluff. Reading the book inspired me to come up with countless character concepts and scenarios that could make a massive open-world campaign. That tells me it’s good. The one-shot we ran with Oliver was one of the most fun scenarios we’ve played in a long time. That tells me it’s great.
“I highly recommend anyone who is a fan of the post-apocalyptic, zombie, survival, horror and/or gritty RPGs check out this book. The mechanics are straightforward and intuitive, the system is both deep and flexible, and the world is richly detailed and just as unforgiving.”

“More Zombies. Can’t swing a stick without hitting a zombie. However, after stumbling across this little gem, I might actually consider doing a Zombie game…”

“I stumbled across the Infected RPG and contrary to expectations, my interest was aroused.”

“…those that haven’t looked at it, they should. Hopefully, they will be blown away as I was and also come to realise that these are zombies on steroids.”

“In comparison to its biggest competitor – All Flesh Must Be EatenInfected performs admirably… the core gameplay is a lot smoother and more satisfying than AFMBE and allows for more true-to-genre gameplay…The game mechanics can be taught in a matter of minutes, and the art that they already have is incredibly evocative and beautiful, making for a truly engaging experience as a tabletop RPG.”