Why Is Immersion RPG Awesome?

16 Nov Why Is Immersion RPG Awesome?


Immersion RPG – From the heart of Michael Hodgson

Why Is Immersion RPG Awesome? I’ve played quite a few role playing game systems, and found some of them quite hard to work with; too much in the rules department, and not enough in the anything else department. Of course, once we got to understand the rules, the gaming was good – but that was more because we had a great bunch of friends.

The Immersion gaming system doesn’t suffer from that drawback. Rather than concentrating on rules, its point of view is more of a concentration on the creativity of the Narrator, and of the players. Many game systems are good at allowing the Game Master to be creative, less so the players. With Immersion, we read maybe five minutes of the rule book, and we started. And found ourselves immediately deep in game play; immersed in some fantasy world with Elves, Ogres and Dragons; or some far eastern setting; or some very futuristic world with cybernetic augmentation, and whatever else any of us could dream up.
And being so immersed was key for me, and I think the rest of the players and the Narrator. Like going to a really good movie, we became lost in whatever world we all created.
I have also been Narrator for two Immersion games so far, and they were equally good; easy for the player to learn and get started, and easy for me to guide the game (a Thrakkis scenario), and great for both of us to create the world that we were both in. Of the two, one is still running, and I am easily able to let my imagination run riot.

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Michael John Boyack Hodgson.

Michael John Boyack Hodgson (otherwise known as Mykossen McBrossen) is a founding member of Immersion Studios and one of the original playtesters of Immersion RPG. Every rule you play has been trialed in blood, sweat and screams on his poor characters (may they rest in peace). Not only is he an aspirant author (with a gigantic book on the way), and a technological fiend of epic proportions., but he also runs an annual Steampunk convention in New Zealand, known as Aethercon.

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