Friday the 13th…and Werewolves!

14 Jun Friday the 13th…and Werewolves!

Werewolves and other Skinshifters are in development in Immersion RPG!Well it was Friday the 13th yesterday, AND a Full Moon! So what were we working on? You guessed it: Werewolves.
Throw out your biases and misconceptions! These are not your average furry monsters. In fact, you can even play as a werewolf. Yup.

See, in Myths of Khoralla Werewolves are merely one type of Skinshifter. People who are part man, part beast – and can change between the two. Wolves just happen to be a really popular species (and who can blame them).

In fact, legend has it that the Skinshifters were actually the First People, way back, when men and other races were still running with animals and were still one with the land. Before the other races came, with their axes, their fire and their controlled magic.

Much maligned by civilised races, the Skinshifters are really as much animal as they are man. And there are in fact many strains of Skinshifter blood running thinly in the veins of many throughout the world – but particularly in the North. And note the name – Skinshifter. This means you can be more than just a werewolf. You could be an Eagle, Bear, Snake or…any of a number of deadly creatures.

A throwback to an ancient past? Or a dark and terrible hybrid monster with no soul? One thing is for sure – werewolves are prized for the magic of their pelts (well…at least once they’ve Turned anyway…no one wants a human pelt. That would be disgusting.). As well as their organs, eyes, teeth…well actually a lot of things are magically rich when it comes to Skinshifters. But usually you do have to wait for them to Turn – which means you’d better be really good with your sword!

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Now whilst Skinshifters are awesome and deadly, they are not invincible. Our Werewolf playtester got himself nicely skewered on some big spears and only just limped away (to heal up quickly and come back again). Death came close that day, and it pushed him closer to losing himself to the Beast within. Still, he’s still in control…for now.

What do you think about Skinshifters? Want to play one? Want a sneak peak? If you ask nicely we just might give you one as a Playtester!

What? You aren’t a playtester yet? Well sign up here! It’s free, you get a 130+ page playtesters’ rulebook and all sorts of other sweet stuff!

That’s all for now.

Oliver R. Shead

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