Mimic Wallpaper for Infected Zombie RPG

13 Dec Mimic Wallpaper for Infected Zombie RPG

Check out our first ever Wallpaper for our upcoming setting Infected Zombie RPG! It’s a “Mimic,” and yes…this thing can mimic you. So the next time you’re wandering down some deserted lane and you hear a little girl crying out, “Help me…please help me…please!” You may round the corner and come face to face with this guy. 

This is an exceptional piece of art by Alexander Chelyshev, a Russian artist who really captures the terrifying feel of the Infected, and how they are still somehow human beneath it all…which is the most terrible thing of all.

For more on the setting, check out the Infected RPG website here.

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A wallpaper image of a Mimic from the Infected Zombie RPG

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