The Infected Zombie RPG Sampler is on Drive Thru RPG!

13 Jul The Infected Zombie RPG Sampler is on Drive Thru RPG!

Our Sampler for Infected Zombie RPG Sampler is now up on Drive Thru RPG! Actually, it’s been there for some time, and is now in its third iteration. I have doubled its size and added more and more content into it until it’s now 63 pages! It’s crammed full of exquisite full-colour art, storyline, sample characters, quick-play rules and even an adventure!

This is enough to get you started on Infected RPG all by itself, and will give you a serious taste of what’s to come when our Kickstarter hits on August 16 (or rather, after it’s successful… fingers crossed!!).

Of course, if you’ve already subscribed, then you will have ALREADY gotten this ages ago.

So why put it up on Drive Thru RPG? Well, so anyone can check it out without having to subscribe. But, if you want to subscribe you will get up-to-date information about how things are going. I never spam… that would be exhausting. But it is a great way to make sure you don’t miss out on any cool info, either from the blog or from the Kickstarter and release updates.

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You can find the Infected RPG website here.

Check the Sampler out here (it’s free):

Infected Zombie RPG Sampler (cover)

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