Will You Rebuild Society, Or Tear it Down?

09 Aug Will You Rebuild Society, Or Tear it Down?

Immersion Studios Logo SmallFirst RPG from Immersion Studios launching on Kickstarter on August 16.

Bestselling author Oliver R. Shead makes his Tabletop RPG debut with a new take on the classic zombie apocalypse theme. The outbreak is over. The Infected are all-but exterminated. Now, finally, humanity has the chance to rebuild and recover.

This is a game for far more than just lovers of the zombie subculture. Players who like complex characters, dynamic combat and a rich environment, will thoroughly enjoy playing Infected! To survive in this new world, hard choices must be made on a daily basis. Societies cannot survive without farms, trade, information, and strong leaders.

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What governments exist are desperate to retain their control at all cost. Petty warlords, burners, cannibals and bandits tear at society and threaten to bring total anarchy. And all the while, the Infected lurk on the fringes, in the dark places of the world, hunting people with all the cunning of wolves.

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Infected! utilises the Immersion RPG system – universal, classless, and levelless, enabling players to play characters that live and breathe, have strengths, weaknesses, foibles and fears…so many fears…that all affect actual game play. This is a great system for experienced gamers looking to take things to the next level.

Immersion RPG has been playtested for over five years, and Infected! itself has been playtested for a year. It will launch on Kickstarter with a good amount of the art and design already complete. The object of the campaign is to raise enough money for the last of the art and design, and to make the print run as high quality as possible.

Will you rebuild society, or tear it down?

Join the struggle on August 16!

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