18 Aug One Thing You MUST Make Sure of Before Your Kickstarter Launch

2 days into the Kickstarter for Infected Zombie RPG, and things are going really well! It’s certainly an exciting (and sleepless) time for me. But very, very interesting too. One thing I have learned is that Kickstarter is the tortoise, not the hare. Even if your project is going really, really well, sitting and staring at the screen, waiting for it to go up (or checking every few minutes and wondering if you’re doomed because you haven’t yet reached your target), is not really a healthy thing to do.

Instead, take a chill pill. Relax. And then work like mad to make sure as many people know about the project as possible, and that you’re making your project the best it can be.

The Valuable Lesson

Here is a valuable lesson I have already learned – ensure your funding levels are all accurate before you start. Because it’s the one thing you can’t change after you go live! That includes your financial goal, backer levels, and of course then, postage!

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I had a mini fit on the night before the Kickstarter because I thought I’d messed up postage. Turns out I hadn’t…totally…but it was slightly off, so it paid to double, triple and quintuple check (yes, I missed quadruple… on purpose) – but I also hadn’t made postage clear to everyone. So I fixed that in the sleepless night before the launch.

Boy am I glad I did that. There’s nothing worse than that gut-churning worry.

Of course, even then, you wouldn’t be totally up the creek. You can always tick a box to make your backer level (if it’s incorrectly priced), count as “Sold Out” then make a new backer level with the right informaiton. But you don’t want that to happen. Trust me.

Anyway, that’s my lesson for the day.

Oh… and here’s some wicked pics of our book, fresh from the printer!

Cheers guys!


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