16 Sep An Actual Play Demo of Infected!

A couple of days ago I got the opportunity to play a one-shot game of Infected! with Nick-Nack, a YouTube Vlogger, and two backers of the project on Kickstarter (Richard and Tom). It was a lot of fun! Quite hilarious at times, and also dramatic, terrifying and intense.

But I was particularly happy about it because it was such a great demo of the game. Nick-Nack has done a great job with the overlay effects so everyone’s character is very clear, and he’s done a few very nice editing bits throughout, to trim anything unnecessary. Furthermore, this was the first time any of the players had run Infected! or Immersion RPG before, so as I explain the rules to them, it will also be very helpful for any other new gamers out there (virtually everyone!). Consider this a how-to-play-Infected video!

Two of the players were quite experienced, however the other was quite new to RPGs, and had only been playing D&D 5E for about a year. This meant he was a great test subject for our system! New gamers are exactly the sort of people who should be able to pick up Infected! and quickly start playing… and in fact that was just what he felt about it. The game was simple, the rules covered all eventualities and were fun and dynamic! 

You may note that the first combat in this game lasted a mere 2 rounds. Even later, when another character gets into a rather sticky situation, the combat evolved in a very dynamic fashion in a matter of 2 or 3 rounds. Combats in this system are quick, intense and tactical! Check out what tactics these players used to stack the odds in their favour (everything from Diplomacy to tactical positioning – Richard is one to watch for those moves!).

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Remember also, that the Kickstarter is still running for another 3 days! This is your last chance to get in on the action, get yourself actually in the book as art, an NPC, or even for you to construct your own NPC group, item, or plot hook! Check it out.



Here is the Character Creation vid – certainly worth checking out:

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