22 Oct Progress!

We’re making good headway with Infected! After a few weeks of stop-start revision, I’ve launched fully into the fourth draft of the book (it’s already had 3), and am now essentially finished a draft version of Chapter 3. There’s still a fair way to go, but progress is moving along fairly well – aaaaand we’ve also got a bunch of really cool pics that have been trickling in!

This is what I love about creating an RPG – finally seeing everything starting to come together.

I’ve already started work on the next chapter (character creation), and I don’t anticipate that one taking too long either, as it’s mostly complete already.

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Now, for some fun, check out these Backers pics:


Defend the Compound - Infected Zombie RPG

Cabbage Eater - Infected Zombie RPG

Justicar - Infected Zombie RPG

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