18 Apr Backerkit Glitch for Pre-Orders

Note that this glitch has now been fixed by the Backerkit team (praise the gods!).

There has been a glitch in Backerkit for Pre-Orders that I would like to let all pre-order backers be aware of.

For some reason, every order gets a $65.00 Pledge Level added to whatever it is that you are purchasing.

So if you are pre-ordering a book for $65+$15 postage, you should be paying $80, but instead it says it’s going to charge you $145.00!

I have been trying to obtain Backerkit’s assistance in handling the problem, as I can’t see how to change it, but of late they have not been very enthusiastic in their support. I have been waiting for 3 days for a response to my last email (could be that they don’t work weekends and have a life outside of work…who knew?). In any case, I have been trying to get it fixed for quite some time, and it is certainly disappointing that they have not taken measures to fully support me in this.

It is actually particularly disappointing because I pride myself on charging the correct amount, not overcharging, and delivering what I promise. Trust is very important to me. I want backers to know that they can trust me (which they can), but for a new person coming to the pre-order party, it doesn’t exactly look like that. Fortunately, most backers have been very understanding and patient, which just tells me that we have a great community!

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The Solution

There is a solution for pre-order backers! Backerkit will not charge you until I give the go-ahead, for each order. I can manually change each order to remove the excess fee (I have been doing this with each order that comes in), and only put through the correct amount.

So if you have noticed this bizarre extra amount being added to your order, please do not worry! You will not be charged the extra $65.00.

Thank you for your patience, and game on!


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