12 Jun Digital Copy of “Infected!” Now Ready For Distribution

Hi all,

This marks a momentous occasion. After months of building a crowd, creating a Kickstarter, writing, editing, art-directing, sweating (a little bit of bleeding too), our first release Infected! is officially finished!

Actually, quite a lot of this was finalised while I was on holiday in Japan and Taiwan. I really must thank the many backers who wrote to me and told me not to worry too much about the book while I was gone. It helped me to enjoy myself while I was away… and now it’s a done deal.

For Kickstarter backers, please follow this link, which will take you to our latest Update. It’s for Survivor-level backers and up, and has the link to the download for the book in it.

For pre-order backers, you should have received an email from backerkit… but if not, please reply to this email to let me know, and I will send you the link straight away.

If you would like to order a copy, but think it’s too late… well, you can still order through Backerkit here, and I will send you a copy of the PDF. I’ll be setting up a website order system shortly (just got to learn all about it first… may the gods help me!).

Feedback from early viewers has been really excellent, which is definitely very gratifying. This is really that time when I get to see if all of that effort was worth it – and it most certainly was.

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Our next step is to finalise everything with the printer. They have all the files, and will shortly be sending me a hard copy proof of the book. That will be a good day, I can tell you! Then we will start distribution. I will be doing this through Gamesquest, a UK-based distribution company who are EU-friendly (actually, they are everywhere-friendly) – so there is definitely no added VAT to pay.

While this is going on, I’ll be working on the mini-adventure booklet which was part of our Stretch Goals. Providing more content for the game, in the form of scenarios, small setting packs, and so on, is quite important. This means that when someone buys the main book, there are more materials for them to make use of. I feel this adds value to the core book actually, because it opens the door to this whole world of cool content.

What do you think? Is extra content important to a setting world? And if so, what type of content?

Oh, and here’s a snap I took while I was away – I thought you may like it! It’s Himeji castle, the most intact and beautiful of the ancient castles of Japan.




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