17 Aug Official Announcement: The God Forge

Okay we have an official announcement!

I’ve been working on a new setting for some time with my good friend (and YouTube legend) AJ Pickett (aka The Mighty Gluestick). Its working title is The God Forge but bear in mind that may change over the coming months. We’ve done a lot of development of this place.

So what is it in a nutshell? Really, AJ can explain that best with the video below:

If that still leaves you with a lot of questions… well, it’s bound to, really.

But just bear in mind a few things – yep, this is a big departure from Infected!, but the Immersion RPG system will keep it grounded, intense and gritty at the same time as having high powers, cool races, bizarre science-magic and all sorts of other things like that.

Can that work? Really? Gonzo science-magic and gritty realism?
Yes. Actually we’ve been running tests of this sort of setting for years now, and Immersion RPG handles it like a boss. That’s why we love it. Actually that’s why we’re creating this setting in the first place. If Infected! was ultra-hardcore-realism, then the God Forge is ultra-gonzo-with-realism. If that makes sense.
Imagine having an intense, high-powered and off-the-charts setting, where the weapons were dangerous, your choices really mattered, and no matter how powerful you got, there was still a high element of danger and intensity? Woah.
That’s a taste of what it’s like.

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Will you still be producing further Infected! books?
Yes! In fact, we just released a new supplement a few days ago called Black Zone, and there are a bunch more of those small supplements in the pipeline. They add a lot of colour, depth and variety to our setting. And I am sketching out further setting books (just got to sit down and write them, really). Working on these supplements first!

Will there be a Kickstarter for it?
You bet there will be! We’re going to develop it more thoroughly first, get lots of concept art and make sure the whole setting is airtight before we go ahead and gear up for that. But if you want to stay tuned, sign up for our newsletter. We’ll be releasing more videos in the coming months to give more details of the world.

And that’s all for now!

~Oliver R. Shead

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