Five Plot Ideas for Infected RPG

30 Sep Five Plot Ideas for Infected RPG

So you’ve read Infected! and maybe you’ve played the scenario in the back. But now what? Your friends are coming over and they expect an awesome game – you need some ideas, goddammit!

Drum roll please… here are 5 scenario ideas for Infected RPG! Some could be used as simple scenarios on their own, or ways to introduce players to broader adventures.

1) There’s Cannibals in Dem Hills!
Apparently there are a well-organised band of cannibals in the hills. They’ve been preying on stragglers and small groups – but just the other day they attacked a well-armed NORAD scouting party and dragged most of them away. Unfortunately, the few survivors are making it sound like the town the PCs are in is complicit in the cannibalism! It’s up to the PCs to trek into the hills and track down the cannibals, recovering any NORAD personnel that are still alive. They’ll find the man-eaters holed up in an old bunker, with a fair bit of salvaged equipment… but worse, they’ll also discover that their town has been prospering due to a very dark negotiation. They supply intelligence on local groups, and the cannibals then give the town plenty of free loot.
Tip: Make sure to foreshadow the fact that the town survives “by a miracle.” A particular salvager or a group of them are just “incredibly lucky” and always find some amazing stuff left abandoned “by the wars.”
Tip: Also make sure that there is a particular person who they get to know and trust, probably that same “lucky” salvager. Even better, have him help them earlier (saving a loved one with much-needed medicine gotten from the cannibals perhaps?). This will make them conflicted, and also feel the betrayal that much more keenly. You can also humanise the situation. The “bad guy” doesn’t really want to help out the cannibals, but it’s the only way that the town has survived this long, and the PCs know it too! To kill them all would mean the slow starvation and death of everyone in the town. This is a great moral dilemma that can’t truly be solved by just fighting.

2) Find the Medicine NOW!
During travel to a local community, one or more of the PCs’ loved-ones (and possibly one or more of the PCs themselves) gets bitten by an Infected. Luckily, in the town there is medicine! However, it’s not enough for everyone. There is hope though – the town got this medicine from a NORAD base not too far away. It’s just down the road a few kilometres, through a heavy Black Zone and a raging war with NORTHCOM rebels… oh and that NORAD base might just have gone rogue too…

3) Flight or Fight
The PCs have stumbled across a gold mine of food. A local farm has tonnes of produce just sitting in the fields, and a huge grain silo almost overflowing with grain. It’s been well stored and hasn’t even had too much loss from rats or bugs. This windfall would be enough to keep their community fed all winter, maybe all year! Either that or make the PCs incredibly rich and comfortable. But the PCs aren’t the only ones to have found it, and a local warlord with nearly a hundred soldiers is sending his goons over to check it out. Do the PCs grab what they can carry and leg it, or do they stay and fight to protect what’s theirs.

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4) Harsh Times
A spy has been captured in the PCs’ community – apparently she came from a rival community across the river. It’s a group that’s had designs on the PCs’ town for some time, and are extremely brutal in their attacks. Now it’s time for some payback – but the prisoner is a young girl who says she was forced into being part of the other community’s work. She also says there’s a spy in the PCs’ community… someone who’s been feeding the enemy information for months – and apparently their final act is about to arrive!

5) Gingerbread Man
A travelling performer and merchant rattles into town in his cart laden with precious goods. Eyeing the PCs up and down, he asks them if they’d like a lot of pay for a little bit of work. He says that he’s been having trouble getting to the next town over. Not only is the river high and the bridge down, but there are loads of Infected too – he needs a few dead shots to keep the biters at bay.
Of course, he also isn’t mentioning the lynch mob that’s been chasing him across two states for his thieving ways… or the fact that he’s stealing from the PCs’ town as well! The lynch mob aren’t likely to ask questions before opening fire either – the PCs are just accomplices as far as they’re concerned!

I hope you enjoy these scenarios and they give you some cool ideas to run for yourself!


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