Infected Zombie RPG Core Rulebook

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The Outbreak is Over. The Infected have been all-but wiped out. Now, finally, there is a chance for humanity to rebuild and recover.

This is a post-zombie post-apocalypse game of survival, suspense and horror. The Infected aren’t slow, stupid or numerous. They hunt you from the ruins, as starving and desperate as anyone else.

Humanity hasn’t totally collapsed. It’s there, in countless towns, settlements, villages, cities and government remnants. But it’s returned to an almost feudalistic state.

Will you try to rescue humanity from its darkest days, or light a match and watch it burn?

256 Pages
A story-based game with the opportunity for many themes: politics, war, espionage, survival, horror and suspense.

Pages of Infected Zombie RPG


Included are full rules, weapons, armour, equipment, a Narrator’s section, sample characters and a scenario to play, as well as extensive setting area content with story hooks.

The Immersion RPG Rules System is classless, levelless and gritty. Most actions resolve using 2D10, with wide versatility and the opportunity for player ingenuity to be rewarded. The focus is to make each character truly unique.

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< class="icon_title" style="color: #258bea;">Universal Rules System

Using the intuitive and fluid Immersion RPG game system, the rules for Infected Zombie RPG can be easily adapted for any situation, and any game setting. Though this current incarnation is more slanted towards the modern day, the full rules can be easily used for fantasy, sci-fi, historical, or really any game you want to play.

< class="icon_title" style="color: #258bea;">Rules Medium

The Immersion RPG system is halfway between a rules-light game and a rules-heavy game. So, you could say it’s Rules Medium! There is enough detail that your characters will never be the same as each other, no matter what career or path they pursue. There are also subtleties to the characters and rules which are not always available in a rules-light setting, but the system also retaining enough fluidity that the story never slows. It is ideal for quick-witted Narrators who like to improvise and let the characters attempt whatever they wish.

< class="icon_title" style="color: #258bea;">Classless

Characters in Infected do not have a particular class. Rather, they are people, with their own histories, skills, strengths and weaknesses. Their occupation may influence their skill selection and particular abilities, but it is not going to dictate which direction your character wants to go.

< class="icon_title" style="color: #258bea;">Levelless

Real people advance their skills a bit at a time, slowly but steadily advancing their abilities day by day and week by week. As such, the Experience your character gains can be used to increase his traits in whichever way you wish. The higher the ability, the more the Experience cost, and the longer it will take you to learn.

< class="icon_title" style="color: #258bea;">Nonlinear Progression

Characters can advance in whichever way you want. You could learn to sweet-talk your way out of a fight, or get right in there and train yourself in the finer art of breaking faces – the choice is yours.

< class="icon_title" style="color: #258bea;">Adapatable to Your Style of Play

Want to change the game a bit? Want things super realistic and harsh? Or perhaps more heroic, with the player characters cutting through swathes of Infected at every turn? Well now you can. The Immersion RPG system has options to make it adaptable to your style of play.

< class="icon_title" style="color: #258bea;">2D10 Rolls

Most rolls in Immersion RPG use 2D10 to determine actions (some occasionally use more or less). Successes are scale-able, meaning a higher roll is substantially better than a lower roll, rather than merely a win/fail resolution – e.g. if you hit your opponent well, chances are you’ll do more damage.

< class="icon_title" style="color: #258bea;">A Game of Character Development

Your characters change and adapt as time goes on, and they live through their many harsh experiences. Only you can tell how these changes affect them. Will their morality drop out the bottom, or will they rise above it all? Will they do anything to survive, or is there a brink they will not cross?

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I found the quick start of INFECTED! and was instantly intrigued. I love the great artwork and background, especially your Interpretation of the ``Zombies“. Not brainless undead morons but cunning predators. I love the feudal-like factions and the idea with NORAD as the power-hungry ``empire“. I really appreciate your work on the rich background. Even without the plot hooks and the storyline generator (but I’m grateful for both of them) I can think of a lot of stories in just a few minutes.
And last but not least, the rules. The Immersion RPG game system is awesome, nuff said. No, not enough said. It is exactly the gritty and fast system I was looking for. Thank you so much.
~ Thorsten
This is a great looking game, and an awesome setting. I really enjoy those Post-Apocalyptic games that are done well and this one has been done well. Its also amazingly cheap for what it is and would of happily paid more for it. If you are looking for something a bit gritty and love computer games like The Division then grab this, highly recommended.
~ James G.
(Verified Purchaser, Drive Thru RPG)
My friends and I support this system completely because It is something we have been dying for - character driven role playing...I personally just want to say you have something special here (at least to me) because we have looked for other universal systems and they are super complicated. This system (Immersion RPG) to me could be perfect for my group because it is easy to understand and not very complicated and yet it is extremely deep. We are looking forward to receiving our copy of infected and cant wait to see what is next from you. Whether you go with an immersion core rule book to make our own settings or if you start working on your next setting you have our support.
~ Trevor F.
Kickstarter Backer
Just have to say that I'm very happy with everything I've seen so far and my character is no exception. Thanks to the awesome content I'm already ready to run my first campaign with it. The hook built into my character is perfect for a first run with my friends (a week of training to finally be a ghost, what could go wrong?) I love the lore and I cannot wait to have the book and start running my group through.
I've been in love with the concepts and I'm glad to see the project living up to and even exceeding some of my expectations. I can't wait to see the future projects you guys have planned as well and I know I'll be following close and backing those projects too.
~ Andrew C.
Kickstarter Backer

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