Infected Zombie RPG Hardcopy Book


Infected Zombie RPG Hardcopy Book

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The Outbreak is Over. The Infected have been all-but wiped out. Now, finally, there is a chance for humanity to rebuild and recover. Out in the ruins, the Infected aren’t slow, stupid or numerous. They hunt you from the ruins, as starving and desperate as anyone else.

Humanity hasn’t totally collapsed. It’s there, in countless towns, settlements, villages, cities and government remnants. But it’s returned to an almost feudalistic state.

Will you try to rescue humanity from its darkest days, or light a match and watch it burn?

A 256 page story-based game with the opportunity for many themes: politics, war, espionage, survival, horror and suspense.

Included are full rules, weapons, armour, equipment, a Narrator’s section, sample characters and a scenario to play, as well as extensive setting area content with story hooks.

The Immersion RPG Rules System is classless, levelless and gritty. Most actions resolve using 2D10, with wide versatility and the opportunity for player ingenuity to be rewarded. The focus is to make each character truly unique.

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