Keep Your Friends Close - an Infected RPG Scenario

Keep Your Friends Close – an Infected RPG Scenario


The PCs are part of a diplomatic crew in the service of Pappa Doc’s railways. A particularly crucial train is coming through the mountain bottleneck of Tiger Valley to dock with an oil refinery. The whole railway is desperately short on oil, due to mounting attacks from NORAD-affiliated groups, and this train only has enough diesel to get through this route — having to go back would mean adding on an extra five hundred kilometres to their journey.


But something’s not quite right in Tiger Valley. Though they’re friendly enough, a tension lies just beneath the surface. Is this just due to recent bandit attacks, or is some other game afoot? The PCs will need to keep their wits about them, and their ears to the ground if they hope to get out of the valley in one piece – or at all.


A one-shot scenario for Infected Zombie RPG, for 1-6 players, and estimated to take 4-6 hours.


A supplement for Infected Zombie RPG.