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28 Nov Tidying Up Dem Rules

I've had an intense last couple of months. Churning through well over 100 pages of the manuscript (250 is the target size), I've also hammered through the rules to make sure they're the best, simplest and most streamlined they can be. And it's been an...

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22 Oct Progress!

We're making good headway with Infected! After a few weeks of stop-start revision, I've launched fully into the fourth draft of the book (it's already had 3), and am now essentially finished a draft version of Chapter 3. There's still a fair way to go,...

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29 Jun Haters Gonna Hate

Haters gonna hate. It's not exactly great English, but that phrase has been strangely comforting on occasion for me over the past couple of years as I developed Infected Zombie RPG. As an Indie game designer, you have to get yourself out there into the public...

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