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13 Nov GM Tips #22: Do the Unexpected

I've been running an epic fantasy campaign with one of my mates via Virtual Tabletop for about a year now, and it has reached truly crazy-epic proportions. The game has become insanely fun. And one of the most fun things about it is that I...

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Character and Context - Immersion RPG

19 Dec GMing Tips #16 Character and Context

I've been stumbling around slowly learning how to make great adventures. You'd think it'd be easy, but it's not. Particularly if you don't take stand alone modules but instead let a story grow organically, based on the problems the players are faced with, and then...

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14 Oct GMing Lessons #14: My Gaming Revolution

I have been gripped by a gaming revolution. It’s not mechanics (though they help). It’s not setting (though this, too, makes a big difference). Rather, it’s playing style. Namely, I have totally changed my concept of action, and what’s interesting in a story/scenario/adventure. Instead of action taking...

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