Myths of Khoralla


Myths of Khoralla is a game of epic fantasy with a harsh, gritty edge. Khoralla is a world littered with the ghosts of ancient epochs. Great empires rise into glittering majesty for millennia, then crumble to dust, fading into nothingness. Vast armies do battle for immortal kings, gods meddle with the affairs of mortals, playing a great and endless game of power, and mystical beasts rove in untracked wildernesses.


Though great legends can be born here, rising to even godlike power…they can fall just as easily. Broken gods litter the dregs of society, as a lesson that even the mightiest can be brought low. Some forget what they once were. Others dream of regaining their lost power.


There are countless threads weaving through this world. Many ancient beyond reckoning.


What tales will you tell?

Infected Zombie RPG


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Dark Britannia


Set in a world similar to our own, but ruled far more by the dark power of magic, Dark Britannia is a world where the advances of technology have been stymied by this arcane knowledge. For who needs technology when magic can pave the way? Magic, however, is a faded presence, dark and secretive, allowing technology to finally come to the fore.


But while the miracle of steam power thrills the modern world, dark forces pull the strings in the background. Demons, hideous creatures and fell powers lurk just behind the curtain in this world, where reality itself can thin, and other worlds can come through.


This is still in its playtest stages, but expect more to come.



A vast, ancient universe beckons, filled with untold mysteries, vast empires, hidden cabals and even gods – in this world, the power of the mind and spirit is as powerful, if not more so, than the glittering technology beheld on all sides.


While races do battle with one another in the war against extinction itself, others seek deeper powers, far older truths, and entities that beheld the universe at its very beginning.