Shambler Wallpaper – Infected RPG

27 Dec Shambler Wallpaper – Infected RPG

The final stage in the Infection is what’s known colloquially as the Shambler. The virus has at this point almost completely destroyed its host’s body. The boils cover its body from head to toe, gases and stinking liquids fill its flesh. The thing moves slowly. Its body is breaking down. Its only role now is to spread the infection as far as possible.

Woe betide any foolish survivor who hits or shoots this thing, for it is more than likely to spray highly infectious liquids all over them – and that’s if it doesn’t explode outright.

Enjoy this horrifying wallpaper by Alexander Chelyshev! And may your Narrator spare you this horror.

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To find out more about the setting, check out the Infected website here.

Shambler Wallpaper - Infected RPG

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